Requirements and Comforts

Ruffy says, “Stay current on all required vaccines!”

We require written verification that your dog is current on three different vaccines. The three vaccines are Rabies, the annual combination, and bordetella (kennel cough). The bordetella vaccine must specifically requested; the Vet does not give this vaccine automatically. Cats must be current on their annual and rabies vaccines.  Please bring the written verification with you at check-in time. 

Bring your pet’s food and treats, please bring the amount your pet will need while here. Please do not bring 50 pounds of food for a three day stay! It is best for their digestive system to eat what they’re accustomed to.

Your pet will feel more at home if you bring their bed, bedding, or something that smells like home. Please bring bedding that is easily washable. Thick beds are not recommended because they get wet and torn up. It is good to bring chew toys that your pet will enjoy chewing on.

This is why one should NOT bring a big fluffy bed!

This is why one should NOT bring a big fluffy bed!